Monday, October 10, 2011

Top 10 Software leader In United States


The software industry -- led by the US headquartered firms that form the bulk of the market -- is in the midst of several key shifts driven in large part by advances across the technology industry. In the consumer-facing world, the distinction between software providers and Web services is increasingly blurry as Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud computing, mobile applications, and social networks continue to enhance user interactions through digital means. Digital transformation is transforming customer support, sales and marketing, collaboration, media consumption and more, and software providers are rethinking both the software they sell and the software they use themselves to tap this shift in behavior by digital consumers. Like non-US based software providers, they are not alone in shaping and being shaped by the shifts which are now occurring but they are very clearly leading much of it.

In this report, PwC not only identifies the software leaders in key territories such as the US, Europe, China, and India, but also provides insights into where the industry is going in the next five years as shared by executives at some of the world's leading software companies. An overall analysis also provides a snapshot of how the industry is performing and key trends.

US Top 10 Software Vendors
Ranked by software revenue worldwide (in USD million)*

1. Microsoft6. HP (incl.EDS as of Sept. 2008)
2. IBM7. CA
3. Oracle (incl. BEA as of April 2008)8. Intuit
4. EMC (incl. VMware & RSA)9. Adobe
5. Symantec10. Apple
Figures are Pierre Audoin Consultants estimates and have not been validated by the companies

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