Monday, October 17, 2011

Free Download Wavelog 2.1 , Mobile Blog Client

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Wavelog is a blogging client application developed for S60* phones. It allows posting of the content as text, image, audio or video, to a Web log (blog) directly from the mobile phone using any type of available network (mobile phone or Wi-Fi network). See here what you may do with Wavelog. The application allows saving the work for later posting in the case there is no available network or to allow selection of a network with larger up-link bandwidth (faster posting) or lower cost (for example a free Wi-Fi HotSpot compared to a mobile phonenetwork). 

There are no hidden costs with Wavelog and it is free of advertisement. It does not restrict users to a specific blog hosting provider, social network or an intermediate content aggregation. It permits a complete freedom for choosing blog hosting provider or even installing own blog publishing system on the Internet, extranet, intranet, or a local area network. It isdesigned for performance, scalabilityand reliability, so it is coded in C++ programming language as a native S60 R 3 application. Wavelog does not use any form of usage tracking for targeted advertisement or direct marketing purposes. 

Wavelog has been developed and tested on Nokia N95 mobile phones. Other Nokia phones confirmed to be fully compatible are: N82, E90 and E51. Wavelog uses XML-RPC protocol for posting to blog publishing systems that support MetaWeblog API. It has been tested with WordPress (v 2.3.1 and higher)**, Drupal (v 5.6 and higher)*** and Joomla (v 1.5 with MovableType API plugin v 1.0.5 and higher)

Link download : 
manual.pdf , user manual 

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