Wednesday, December 15, 2010

FREE Winamp Pro v 5.6 FULL ( Latest Version ) [ M.F 11.1 MB ]

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Winamp Pro 5.6 lets you customize and significant adjustment over6000 add ons (plug-ins, online services and visualization) made by the community Winamp Development which is equipped with 16different languages to meet the criteria as a media player that is much in demand.

You can further expand your media player’s functionality with Winamp Pro:
  • Navtive video support for the most popular H.264 file formats
  • Unrestricted Audio CD Burning & Ripping (up to 48x)
  • MP3 encoding – the industry leading format
  • High quality bitrate AACPlus encoding (twice the quality of the free version)
More Feature Winamp 5.6:
  • New: [pmp_wifi] Android Wi-Fi support
  • New: Direct mouse wheel support
  • New: Option to write ratings to tags (for mp3, wma/wmv, ogg & flac)
  • Improved: Redesigned Devices/Portables view in Media Library
  1. Updated: Gracenote CDDB/MusicID v2.6.206
  2. Updated: [gen_jumpex] JTFE v1.2.3
  3. Updated: [in_vorbis] libogg v1.2.1 & libvorbis v1.3.2
  4. Updated: [vp8] libvpx v0.9.5
  • Improved: New on-the-fly “Vertically flip (Shift+F)” option in Video context menu
  • Improved: [dlmgr/jnetlib] Handling of http status codes 100 & 201-206
  • Improved: [ml_plg] Playlist Generator: context menu dialog & other features
  • Improved: [ml_pmp] More user-friendly Transcoding options for portable devices
  • Improved: [ml_transcode] Added support for & in naming scheme
  • Improved: [nsutil] Optimized video flip modes
  • Improved: [pmp_android/ipod] Added encoder blacklist
  • Improved: [ReplayGainAnalysis] Support for more sample rates
  • Fixed: DLL load security vulnerability
  • Fixed: [enc_lame] Memory leak

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