Sunday, August 22, 2010

Installing Windows XP using USB DISK

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To install Windows by using the Flash disk, the thing you have to prepare and do the following:

1. Flash disks are in good condition, (minimum of 2 Gb) 
2. Windows XP installer (these tips apply only to Windows XP, vista and win fatherly yet tested ihih 7) store in one folder, with name conthnya MasterWindows 
3. App PeToUSB & USB_prep8  <<=DOWNLOAD

Following steps: 
1. Download both files aboveonce completed, collected in a folder ... (but not in a Master folder Windows) 
2. Plug in a USB flash drive, (also make sure your USB drive is in good condition) 
3. Open that folder, then run the file usb_prep8.cmd 
4. Settings: Enable Disk Format with LBA FAT16X 
5. No need to disturb the other options 
6. Click Start, and confirm to format pendrive 
7. after formatting is complete, continue with next step 
8. then typing the field number to be altered to press enter ... 
9. changing the type of flash on the field 0) to Change Type of USB-Drive, currently [USB-Harddisk] 
10. The next field 1) is to notify to the folder where the program MasterWindows 
11. field 2) do not need to be changed 
12. field 3), type the path where your flash drive, eg C: 
13. field 4) to begin the process 
14. wait until it begins ..... approximately 15 minutes, because the process is much ..... 
15. confirm all that was asked with "Y" or Yes or OK 

If everything goes as it should, it means you now have a flash that can install Windows .... 

# Note: to be able to install the flash: 
• plug flash first before the computer is turned on 
• start computer 
• enter into BIOS 
• enter the BOOT settings 
• setting the BIOS to read or flash Usb agan first ... usually in the BIOS will be written Flashdisknya name or something ... eg Transmemory 
• If you do not find in the BOOT settings, go to the hard disk type or whatever his name ... because the BIOS is of many kinds. 
• on the hard disk type, select the USB-disk in the first place ... after a new hard disk ... 
• exit the BIOS menu press F10 or save your settings beforehand 

Feel the difference in speed disk to install Windows with Flash


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