Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Free Download Software modifier Views XP to Windows 7

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Windows 7 officially has been released at the end of last October, after a buzz about the launch date of the first OS on the planet. At this writing, I'm not going to Review about Windows 7, because in fact I've never used The final version, but only had time to feel the Beta version only. Indeed a cursory look and if you look at the additional features in Windows 7 (beta) we may be fascinated, plus the installation process that requires no driver installed so impressed more practical. But like the previous version of Windows Vista, some software compatibility often the case in question, not rare apda error in the program run, I do not know how the final version that was released is it still like that.

Due to the reasons above, I still remain loyal to the old OS version,supported again because of complaints some friends who use thisFinal Version. Instead of Dizziness made, we better manipulate the display: D, Here is software that can change the look of your OS to be almost similar to the actual Windos 7.




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